The society is comprised of individuals and institutions engaged in the science and application of using plants in production of cosmetic products. ISPS’s mission is to promote research, education, training, and application of those technologies that use plants to provide safe, natural and healthy products. ISPS is open to all researchers, practitioners, regulators, industry owners and interested and concerned individuals. Phytocosmetics are healthy and safe products available for use in cosmetic, nutracosmetics and other health related areas. Plant species used in these products have been studied by experts including many horticulturist, pharmacologist, ethno-botanist and phytochemists. Advances have been made in research to identify and optimize utilization of plant base products such those with anti-aging and/or antioxidant capabilities.

ISPS has provided support and platforms for scientific collaborations in the field by producing annual events since May 2012, the next event is scheduled during May 2017 at Patras, Greece.